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Anonymous asked:

so i don't really watch teen wolf but I see a lot of it on my dash, and i'm just wondering like there are so many ships but do people actually ship all of them? like which ships in the show are the most popular in the fandom?


Oh GOD. 

Teen Wolf is literally one of those shows that provides plot for ANY SHIP EVER. Like, JUST PICK TWO RANDOM CHARACTERS AND I BET I COULD FIND A CANON SCENE WITH THEM. 

I think the ship that everyone has to have shipped no matter what is Scallison. Scott and Allison are just the foundation of all ships. Then you have Stydia (Stiles and Lydia, the unrequited love), and of course, everyone’s favorite, but never canon, Sterek (Derek and Stiles, probably the most hyped fandom of tumblr, the ship of ALL SHIPS. Like, this ship has won awards.)

There’s the current ones, Stalia (Stiles and Malia, cutie mccuties), Scira (Scott and Kira, also mad cuties), and Draeden (Derek and Braeden, HOT PEOPLE WITH GUNS).

And, of course, the most subtle, but most loved, Sciles (Scott and Stiles, also known as Skittles)

There are a bunch of cute other ones, (Berica, Allisaac, Allydia, Marrish, ect.)

And yeah, people actually ship all of them. People like me, tbh.

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